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"When we purchased our unit from Paul he guaranteed us that if a problem were to arise to not worry they would take care of it not matter how big or small. We took his word for it and he followed through! Excellent company, dependable and trustworthy. We would purchase from Everest many times if needed." - Guy Pelsor

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Photo of Ella Eastin in her conversion van
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"Everest Conversions came through when I felt out of options for finding someone to finish my van build (so many builders don't want to take the chance on finishing someone else's work which I totally get!) They not only offered to finish it, but they communicated with me EVERY step of the way to make sure every part of the build was what I wanted - this was my biggest hesitation with hiring a "company" because I wanted something totally custom and wanted to feel like I was part of the decision and building process. They were also super communicative AFTER I picked up my van to make sure everything was working and up to my expectations. 5 stars for service!" - Judith Patterson

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"What an incredibly professional company. The quality of the work is undeniable. Highly recommended." - Justin Bolin

van conversion testimonial
Ella Eastin and Production manager
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Young woman on rooftop deck of camper van
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